The 7 Tomes – Liverano Boxes

Antonio Liverano and Takahiro Osaki are known the world over for their sense of style and elegance. They often get customer requests to put together complete outfits for casual daily wear, work, and special occasions.

The Liverano Boxes contain garments and accessories that have been hand-selected by Antonio and Takahiro based on your answers to several questions. Are you gifting a Liverano Box, or do you simply want to be surprised? No problem, let us do all the work for you. Antonio and Takahiro are excited to share with you their personal language of style and elegance.

We offer three expressions of Liverano Boxes.

ABC is our most basic box, and like with language, the foundational element of any man’s wardrobe – one shirt, one tie, and one pocket square.

Grammar is the second offering of the Liverano Boxes, and like with language, follows the mastery of the basics. Grammar contains one shirt, two ties, two pocket squares, and a 100€ gift certificate.

Syntax is the third Liverano Box, and like with language, represents an achieved level of comfort and expression. Syntax contains two shirts, two ties, two pocket squares, a 100€ gift certificate, and one silver jewel.