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You can choose from inpatient and outpatient programs, depending on how much support you need for your recovery. Cocaine isone of the most used drugsand the second most trafficked drug in the United States. The rush of dopamine to the brain it causes plays a big part in why this drug is addicting.


Art therapy, adventure therapy, and other alternative therapies can also be helpful in addiction treatment by providing alternative outlets for expression and healing. Some people benefit from medications that treat other issues, like insomnia, depression, or anxiety. Stabilizing those conditions may also decrease your craving for cocaine. There are many signs that may indicate someone is addicted to cocaine. While some of these signs are subtle, others can be quite obvious.

Your Cocaine Rehab Options

The form of cocaine and how you misuse it can impact treatment and long-term recovery. Our focus on superior personalized service is reflected in our outpatient treatment program for men and women who are struggling with cocaine addiction. We provide thorough admissions assessments, employ evidence-based treatment protocols, and help patients develop effective coping skills.

  • This is part of why it was used in Coca-Cola® which was initially designed for helping alleviate illnesses and pain.
  • Secondary outcomes are acceptance and compliance with the study medication, safety, changes in cocaine use, physical and mental health, social functioning, and patient satisfaction.
  • Open trials as a method of prioritizing medications for inclusion in controlled trials for cocaine dependence.
  • Motivational interviewing is often used with other therapies or treatments, such as inpatient care.

Roberts DC, Andrews MM, Vickers GJ. Baclofen attenuates the reinforcing effects of cocaine in rats. Mulvaney FD, Alterman AI, Boardman CR, Kampman K. Cocaine abstinence symptomatology and treatment attrition. Her positive approach focuses on providing appropriate and specific services, keeping the needs of each individual in mind. She has a passion for helping women in recovery and has her BA, CCTP , her CADC and Anger Management Specialist, Level 2. She is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling and LCADC.

Planning a Cocaine Addiction Intervention

Once someone admits to cocaine addiction treatment addiction, the only way to go is forward. Cornish JL, Kalivas PW. Glutamate transmission in the nucleus accumbens mediates relapse in cocaine addiction. Alterman A, McKay J, Mulvaney F, McLellan A. Prediction of attrition from day hospital treatment in lower socioeconomic cocaine-dependent men. Heather transitioned into the substance abuse field in 2012 where she began her career in referral relations and the admissions aspect of the industry. She has also trained in several models of intervention training and education over the last 8 years and has been a candidate member of the Association of Intervention Specialists since 2012.

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Like most other substances that create feelings of a high, cocaine works by changing up your brain chemistry. It turns out the brain is a fascinating organ that does everything based on chemical or electrical signals. This means that there are certain chemicals that can be related to certain feelings, thoughts or emotions. These are called neurotransmitters and they are often considered the chemical messengers of the body. When it comes to substance use disorder or substance misuse, cocaine is one of those substances that we have heard about time and time again from pop culture or our personal lives.

Treatment Options for Cocaine Addiction

Professionals including therapists, psychiatrists, peer support workers, and substance use professionals are great resources. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on reducing drug craving – a common issue among cocaine users. Studies show clients using CBT were significantly more likely to achieve 4 weeks of abstinence compared to those using a 12-step program. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular method for treating people with addictions.

New Scientific Evidence Emerges on How Individuals Transition … – Mount Sinai

New Scientific Evidence Emerges on How Individuals Transition ….

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